A Lover's Compliments I

Thou art the mighty ocean full of love

Whereby the eyes drink sips of poisoning

Sedate which full my soul and make me move

Heralds thy every glance of fragrant spring

Thy eyes have galaxies of far in them

Dissolving all realms of mirth and pain

Thou smile as precious like a golden gem

Earthy objects in hands thy radiance gain

The roses blow away in scornful storm

Before thy tempting softness that o'erflows

And yet this sun could seldom do reform

Throwing light as thy glamour free of loss

Forsooth, my heart dwells in thy o'ergrown fame

Ere the fire grows, let start a lovers' game

by Schhzad Kareme

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A tasty cake using insightful ingredients and decorated with sarcastic sugar and humerous coloring to the taste of the consumer. Wonderful job. Thanks for sharing.
Love her sense of humor- - it's that sarcastic biting type! ! ! !
Insightful and nice analysis.
Sexy poem, sexy poet. Keep it up!
Caustically ironic perspective of human intimacy in the era of hyper-awareness of the medical consequences of such intimacy. I wish to share the deepest aspects of physical communication with you, and yet somehow distinguish you from whatever pathogens may be a part of your existence. Interesting contemplation, humorously executed.
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