By All Means... Continue Your Tease

When an admission of caring for another,
Begins for the other...
A reason to establish a game of playing,
'Let Me See You Chase'.
Such a mistake this becomes,
For the one believing...
To be chased makes one's heart race.
With a pacing done in an excitement.

An admission of caring for another,
The other may not realize can be stopped.
To be replaced.
Especially if something felt is genuine.
With an awakening that creates,
An acknowledgement that comes much too late...
That the one who runs away from someone's caring done,
May find themselves with a gift the other does not get!
With far less exhaustion to give in the giving that ends.

'I thought you said you liked me.'

Oh I did with a caring done too.
But prepared for a marathon in the proving of it,
Is not what I give in the expectation in establishing...
A relationship.

'So you don't like me anymore? '

I cared for 'you' not the 'race' you wanted to see me win,
In a chase.

'I was just teasing...
That's all.'

You may be good.
Continue the tease.
Someone else will find that out before I will,
Wont they?
And it will not be me.
By all means...
Continue your tease.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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