RM (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

By All Means Write A Title.

A road with two sides, one side black one side white
It's a tipsy world when it comes to what is wrong and right
I got three fingers for you to nibble on if you'd like
But when I need to sing you a song for you to sleep tonight
I will need my ring finger, The index and if you don't like the song I will need back my middle finger

Two motions toward the door, in a drunken strid
I can't find the door and I can't walk the line
But I'm getting better, I'm fine
Don't block my way becuase only one of us is going to see the next day
I don't plan of makeing it through the night but if I die
Tell my momma and my wife everything I said was a god damn lie

Slump down to grasp the water puddle
with both your hands
Reaching through the towers, Surviving the wreck and rubble
When you stand, don't catch me catching you on lier's land

And I have nights to waste so add me on your msn messenger
You know who kissed who was a friend of hers?
Well yeah dude has a hot mom
Catch the wave while it still roams
like fog through the area
Skid around the child, nearly missing the cones
Don't be so hard on him man, He was just worried for ya'
Well that is now a problem now you go to sleep and you go home

When I exit this program
Like a coyote sneaking up on a lamb
I insist that you do the same
And lean outside for some air
Hell go a bit farther and bring a flare
Now I am not the boss of you but I say this
The only fears with walking outside is that you might step in dog shit

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