By Blow -Cauchy3

Men are ants to accept some food.
Invited your pets are when lives are good.
Two ways in spaces are wrong and right.
Fussy leaders are great to live.

Tender your moneys to go on ways.
Partial objects are subjects to relate.
Allures to bosses are always right.
Fussy leaders are great to live.

Long runs are morals to fit.
Short runs are morale to pose.
When moneys talks our ranks may high.
Skill is to tie the arrows on bows.

Power platforms have no true angles.
Gods fade out when traded.
Pure honors talk in silences.
Good names aroused and interested.

By blows are men to follow the camps.
By things are men to get loves.
With times we are worms to apples.
With truths we think with free rooms?

by cheung shun sang

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