D (16.03.89 / Doncaster, England)

By My Angel's Dying Tears

For the one I can’t forget.

I can see a shattered body, lying
Broken in the snow. A lonesome crying
Moan echoes low from fissures deep, while still
The birds chant in the morn. The winter chill
On yawning wounds does frost and masque the ache,
Yet when the summer reigns in, shall the snake
Spit poison of a memory, and scars
Will seep sorrow and pathos, and the stars
Will split and dash away in pitying
Witness. When the new born and breezy spring
Comes prancing round the world, then the rainbows
Will cry for me. The clouds do hide them now,
As I sit, watch the body lie. The bough
Beneath me creeks and groans while sadness runs
Viscous through. O why did we drink the sun’s
Forbidden rays, and wash in secret streams?
Why did that foul venomous water seem
Crystal and pure, yet tumble you and left
Me to endure? I can see, light-bereft,
Your eyes shine golden smiles, and I know that
Rapture draped his warm about you. Sat
Here, I can do nothing, and here I wait
All gargoyled-in, lament-stricken. Sedate.


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good poem keep on writting! ! :)