Awards For Greatness

Not all can get awards though deserving;
Some luck and pluck too decides awardees;
The heart knows if he/she truly deserves;
The rest remain unsung all life on earth!

Awards on earth are not the ultimate;
The greatest feats are forgotten by men;
The greatest men, women are things of past;
Achievers who get lime-light aren't greatest!

All things on earth return to dust with time;
Most famous monuments become rubble;
Even rivers do change their course often;
Nothing is permanent in earthly life!

The luckiest deserving get awards;
The less lucky can't make up to life's peak;
The unlucky forget what awards mean;
A toiling few cannot think of such things!

Yet, human toil must get recognition;
Awards, rewards encourage achievements;
A few are born with silver-spoon in mouth;
The rest great slip into oblivion!

Yet, hopelessness need not fill any mind;
A few are heros/heroines on earth;
A few are great on earth and in heaven;
A few turn greatest only in heaven!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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''Though the grey shadows of the night Lie yet on Florence like a pall.'' the river Arno flows through Firenze.. Always nice finding Florence/Tuscany in poems
bravo! a masterpiece from the master