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By The Bank Of The River
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)

By The Bank Of The River

Nestled in the valley of hope
Down by the river of dreams
A beautiful girl with silvery hair
Ponders her future, unpicking the seams

She circles a twig in the water
Waits until the twirling blue subsides
She looks at herself in this mirror
And doesn't like what she finds

You see, in this natural looking-glass
She can stare into the windows of her soul
See what is masked by the beauty
A heart that feels hollow and old

This cinderella-like creature
Who, has let far too many years pass
Sees the lines etched on her face
They can't be erased, they will always last

But the scars run deeper on the inside
They are raw and vivid and red
The balm of life won't soothe them
Until her misgivings have all been said

So, from this point, where does she turn?
How does she change this life of hers?
Sitting all alone by the bank of the river
Being watched by the wise green firs

She looks to the skies for inspiration
She lets the sun bathe her face in gold
But the only answers she'll find are within
It was a long time ago, her soul was sold

She gently rises to her bare feet
Looks left and then right, not sure
Should she walk along the path of truth
Or surrender to the sweetness of dark

This lost, lonely mannequin
Loosens the velvet ribbon from her hair
She tosses it into the water and watches
As it floats away, but she's not scared

Suddenly she realises the answer
She feels calm and smiles to herself
Gently letting the coolness pool around her
She waits until there's nothing else.....

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Comments (3)

You kept this reader with you from start to end of your contemplative journey. I liked this. I hope you're still writing Michelle!
Michelle, excellent. There is a real dreamy almost fairytale air to this piece.
So poignant, so beautiful, so sad and so tenderly expressed are your words here.Your use of descriptive words is elegant and touching. 'Scars run deeper on the inside They are raw and vivid and red'~~~~~~words that touch the reader, for who doesn't have scars, of one kind or another......Yet, the ending, after she realizes and accepts, you feel her acceptance and calmness, feeling the 'coolness' around her as she knows there's nothing else................This should touch the hearts of many Em~~~~~(btw~~~Happy Mothers Day, across the Pond~~~) marci :) xo