Some Impatiently Must Review Lessons

We are human.
And everyone with a taste of experience,
Wishes to have the last word.
And those who seek it,
Get it.
With a lesson for them...
Questioned whether or not,
One has been learned.

Those wanting to comprehend,
Choose to listen.
With understanding as the condition.
Acknowledging a wisdom has been achieved.
Leaving those who get their last word,
Hearing what 'they' say...
And nothing else is perceived.
Some impatiently must review lessons...
Mistakenly thought taught.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (6)

The long poem of Robert Browning is going on like a river flowing with ease till the end!
The outside-frame! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
long dark autumn evening...poet is overwhelmed with this marvel of nature.In my village also I get this.. cool darknesss descending on standing rice crop in is also long. I cannot forget it.May be we remain infected with Poets style of perception.
Interesting to read though it is lengthy. Beautiful poem.
Such a great write by Robert Browning👍👍👍
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