(1812-1889 / London / England)

Romulus And Remus


Oh, little did the Wolf-Child care--
When first he planned his home,
What City should arise and bear
The weight and state of Rome.

A shiftless, westward-wandering tramp,
Checked by the Tiber flood,
He reared a wall around his camp
Of uninspired mud.

But when his brother leaped the Wall
And mocked its height and make,
He guessed the future of it all
And slew him for its sake.

Swift was the blow--swift as the thought
Which showed him in that hour
How unbelief may bring to naught
The early steps of Power.

Foreseeing Time's imperilled hopes
Of Glory, Grace, and Love--
All singers, Caesars, artists, Popes--
Would fail if Remus throve,

He sent his brother to the Gods,
And, when the fit was o'er,
Went on collecting turves and clods
To build the Wall once more!

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Suddenly needed to remember this poem that I used for my Art Calligraphy O level in 1956. I loved it then and love it still, it took me many hours to write out and illustrate - a real labour of love as Art was an extra subject for me with Miss Studer and Miss Franklin at NSG Northampton. I wish I had it still but alas not after more than 50 years, c'est la vie! !
Thank you Robert Browning for the amazing poetry.
The long poem of Robert Browning is going on like a river flowing with ease till the end!
The outside-frame! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
long dark autumn evening...poet is overwhelmed with this marvel of nature.In my village also I get this.. cool darknesss descending on standing rice crop in winter.it is also long. I cannot forget it.May be we remain infected with Poets style of perception.
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