! By The Grace Of [autofill]

My knees, my mind, my whole soul aches
and yes a drowsy numbness steals
around my kneecaps – it’s been
a self-assembly afternoon.

I’m not made for self-assembly:
unwrap the components, lay
it on the carpet, they advised;
and then? The postures of
Islamic prayer, cross-legged Hindu,
Christian missionary position, none
seemed to work for more than
a few seconds at a time.

It proved an allegorical point though:
I’m a sorry kit of self-assembly in myself:
impatience, rage, resentment – they
never said it was self-assembly, either…

by now every nation in the world
must be swearing as it sweats
over self-assembly, to its own One God
which however, has a different name
from the One God of others, and it seems,
plays by different rules..

how ironic it must seem to Him, or Her, or It –
a world united in the jihad of self-assembly,
divided in its allegiance to the One God
whose Unique Selling Point, you’d think,
was that of ultimate unity.. even before
we get down to justice, mercy, goodness, all that stuff.

I wonder if in this age of internet-speak
it might aid the unity of nations and
the deity they pray to (yes, He/She/It might like it too?) if
we would offer up our concerted prayers
for simplified but easy-follow instructions
in our human self-assembly kit
to [Autofill].. the God
of a Thousand Names, yet
only one Creation.

by Michael Shepherd

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Amen to that Michael, having just put a Metal Cycle shed together and spent a small fortune at IKEA for a Self Assembly Home Office, I will be in line for the Prayer Mat with you. SA could become the new SM. Great write, many thanks. All the best David