Woe To Scoffers

Where is today true worship found?
Where are God’s steadfast rules?
Churches seem more like a fair ground
Like theatres for fools

Its God is love and God is peace
However deep the sin
Religious lies just never cease
To box the gullible in

Unknown, some play the devil’s fool
Using God’s gifts in vain
Blatantly being satanic tools
Between those born-again

Its God says this and God said that
Evoking Jesus’ name
They wipe their feet on Heaven’s mat
And find thereby no shame

But woe to those who do such things
Behind a church disguise
Ruin will dawn on eagle wings
For blasphemy and lies

Scoffers will thrive in latter days
The antichrist will rise
With signs and wonders he’ll amaze
To close unwary eyes

Throughout the world he’ll spread his germ
He’ll smile while doing good
Only the bride stands true & firm
Living The Way she should

Through storms through wars famine and pest
Many will feel the sword
Yet safe on top of Zion’s crest
The bride will greet her Lord

by Michael P. Johnson

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Great imageries and a fantastic poem.10+++ Thanks for sharing.