By The 'Old You' The New You Knew

There is no special wand
To hand out and wave...
To dissolve obstacles
Blocking your way.
You may not like it...
But the path you're strolling on
Is the path 'you' pave...
Constantly raving about what's being done!
How much of it did you do?
How much was labor?
How much of it fun?

Or is that just as much of a mystery,
As your interests in your neighbors' business?
Leaving yours mismanaged as you manage theirs!

I wouldn't rely on anyone,
To help you figure 'you' out!
And that's not going to happen...
Not as long as you are spending time
Trying to trace your place,
In someone else's footsteps!
Better than they've done themselves.

Do something different!
Run away from yourself.
Forget being followed!
Allow yourself to discover new surroundings!
Don't look back...
Fast is this magic track that attracts!
You'll catch up in time.

And by then...
You might find your mind has broaden!
Enough not to wait to be pursued...
By the 'old you' the new you knew!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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