PIH (17/09/1987 / )

By The Sea Shore

Soft sand
Whispering winds
Sky & Sea
Salty waft
Mist hangs
Shells galore
Mysteries untold
Seaside allure
Leaves me
Wanting for more…

(20 April,2006)

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A brief and nice description of the Sea shore in 15 or 16 words.
Your style is unmatchable.... The ocean and its elements always had some romance in them and you have captured every bit of it. A 10 it shall be... try getting this into music too?
Yes I agree with Duncan - a beautiful poem...by the sea is a wonderful place to be..a good place to think and feel and write for that matter..With love Pia
Applaud! this is beautiful, what a great voice you have in this one 10! from me Love Duncan X
A poem that can only be written and appreciated by those in love with the sea. Thank you for this quiet beauty...
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