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Desert Needs

I cant take it any more
The cut in my heart is just to deep.
Their is to much pain for me to deal with.
I have no one to help me through this.
No one can remove this dagger that is piercing my heart.
What use is there for me to live i cant get what i want.
What use if all i feel is pain and sorrow.
I may look happy on the outside but feel like shit on the inside.
Don't you see i need you?
I need you like a desert needs water.
I cant eat or sleep without hearing your voice.
I feel lost when i am not with you.
I think about you night and day.
When i am dreaming i am dreaming about you.
If only you knew how much i needed you
Maybe you would learn to need me to.
You never know.

by cassandra luciano

Comments (3)

very nice....swings back and forth like a tide....and like those mood swings too.. :) liked it cheers be happy
it is quite difficult to understand this one.