Go Green

The lights go out
It was only about
Four minutes till tomorrow
But I've been filled with sorrow
Since I was eleven
But as I stare, seven
Years into the future
Everyone like a vulture
Looking for food
Kids trying to be good
But what have they learned?
Parents have all burned
Up all the good impressions
Kids left with different depressions
Kids wanting to be kind
But still trying to find
Wherever their mind
Has gone away from them
But as I return to who I am
I think of all of them
Our world isn't looking so bright
It just isn't right
People will put up quite a fight
To remain alive as they are now
Wondering just how
They got to be this way
Make it last, today
Because it will be gone before
You want it to be, but more
Bad things you've yet to realize
Are on their way so everyone dies
And this world will be gone
We will all be done!
So lets prevent this
Because it's one thing you'll miss
If it were to ever leave and not come
Back, because of us being dumb
And not taking care of what we have
So don't just sit there and laugh
Because you won't be laughing then
You'll be wishing it was back when
Trees grew, grass was green,
People weren't so mean.
So do something AND GO GREEN!

by Magic What'sHerName

Comments (8)

....a wonderful poem with a beautiful ending ★
Nature poet Wordsworth's yet another poem immerses in the healing waves of sea well!
the wild storm hath somewhere found a nest aren't we all seeking our nests..
Soothing recompence with the muse of nature. Nice piece.
A delightful poem from a master poet.
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