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By The Shore (Stanza Nine)

Slack water. The tide turns
A ripple in the undergrowth.
The Eagle now abandons
His suspended silence
As wings fold and the waves
Fold over the level shore.
Drake's drum beats
In my brow its Alexandrines
Calls up my quixotic being.
And who is she, my metronome,
Stilettos clicking on the prom?
I turn again as does the tide
To meet a glancing eye.
There is no pain in dreaming!

by Tom Billsborough

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hI Susan, Thanks for your comments re the poems. And it was good of you to tell me about your problems getting to my page. I haven't had a single poem comment for nearly a fortnight. As it happens I haven't submitted any new work because I've been bust editing with Pam and also on Annette's saucy novel. So I thought it was that. But it looks like another glitch in the system. I'd better write another rude Ode about PH or Poey Munter, as I call my hero!
Tom, heads up. Your name doesn't trigger a response from PH to go to your page. They say they have no member of that name. However, if I go to a list of my friends and click on your name there, PH delivers me to your page. You might want to tap them on the shoulder and ask what's up with that. People who aren't as determined as me might give up on visiting your poems.
PART ONE. Utterly, stunningly beautiful, Tom, you silver-tongued devil you! - -My heart stopped for a second with this- - -] The Eagle now abandons........His suspended silence.....As wings fold and the waves....Fold over the level shore. [- - -that is a I'm-there moment in time.
PART TWO. But you're not done yet- - -] And who is she, my metronome, ...Stilettos clicking on the prom? I turn again as does the tide....To meet a glancing eye., [- - - - - - Those are magnificent lines, Tom. Your repetition of fold and tide metronome and clicking of stilettos just tying moments together like that eagle and you.both on the lookout for a movement..... 10+++++++++++++ and onto my favorites!
This is beautiful, well done Tom. I like the choice of images and words that bringing such a fresh picture and imaginable and also to witness this dream in poetry by your pen! wonderful share