By The Time I Get To Dallas

By the time I get to Dallas each morning
you’ve ran through my mind all night
From the early morning hours
till the days last bit of light

I try to sleep without you
but the night keeps dragging on
my heart keeps beating for you
to the tune of a sad sad song

As I wait for a new beginning
and the start of a brand new day
I wonder what you are doing
and if you really are ok

By the time I get up each morning
I’ve only slept a hundred winks
The light pours in my windows
and I begin to think

What can I do for you today
to make this whole thing right
Will God give me a miracle
that brings you back tonight

By the time I get to Dallas
I have thought a thousand ways
to tell you that I love you
but not a one that I can say

By the time I get to Dallas
and start it all over again
My heart has pounded for you
and your memories ring through my head

by Rusty (Ed) Gibson

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