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By What Standards
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

By What Standards

Are you completely Masculine?
Or maybe wholly Feminine
or are you somewhere in between?
You may not know just what I mean.

Your sexual identity
depends upon heredity
and chemicals which you receive,
whilst in the womb I do believe.

Every Foetus is female
in the beginning without fail.
Your gender is decided by
changes induced chemically

Which cause dividing cells to change
The must completely re-arrange
the blue print they are working to
Into something completely new.

This usually works efficiently.
Although just how’s a mystery.
The end results are girls and boys
Two sexes which Nature employs

constantly to widen the pool
of genes. Her favourite tool.
In trying to improve the breed.
Perhaps one day she will succeed.

Produce a race of perfect men.
But I’m afraid that until then
WE have to learn to tolerate
the variations which create.

The Straight the In betweens and Gays
We have no right to blame or praise.
It would be of very little use
they have no choice they can’t refuse

to act the way they’re programmed to.
There’s nothing else that they can do.
I daren’t presume to judge: Dare you
and by what standards if you do.


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