By Whispers, A Glance

in your little corner the waves of your hair cover you
pale innocent eyes wrapped in tender coldness
the night side embraces you with wideness and wild
tamed by the gentle laughter of a foreign realm
filming through my own unrecordable sight
i glance in sideways showering sigh
lost in the absence of sound i then watch you
penetrate the air with uncontrollable nothingness
in binding silence you seem to understand
every shadow that pass by and every plight
you are the saviour in your little corner
crossing out the choices on the paper of life
the assurance now depends on the quality of your turns
as every glance count and save what you earn
and behind you i just watch and hover by
not able to push forth not able to touch
but you know thru my eyes how i would stay
cemented to my seat and just glancing sideways.

© 02.04.06
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by Velvet Astraea Dido

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