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By Your Side, My Soul Is Like Spring Festival

Thank you for sharing our lives together.
Thank you for fulfilling my physical and emotional needs.
If we don't labor enough during the day, we will make up for that during the night.
If we don't love enough during the night, we will satisfy our hearts during day time.
We don't need alcoholic beverage to mesmerize each other's hearts.
It's enough to get emotional high by looking deep into each other's eyes.
We have been sharing our lives for forty years.
Love is like a new sun thatbrings Spring to our souls.
Our lives are full of realized dreams together.
We are still longing for each other when not in sights.
By your side, my soul is like Spring Festival
By your side, my soul is filled with spring flowers.


Translation of a Vietnamese Poem by NHIEN NGUYEN MD:


Cám ơn em vẫn chung đời
Cơm ăn áo mặc vẫn thường no nê.
Làm ngày không đủ, làm đêm
Thương đêm không đủ, thương thêm ban ngày.
Chẳng cần rượu mạnh làm say
Nhìn nhau đáy mắt đủ say nhau rồi.
Bên nhau bốn chục năm rồi
Tình như nắng mới ấm lòng đầy xuân.
Thương nhau mộng vẫn tràn đầy
Thương nhau, lòng vẫn rộn ràng nhớ nhau.
Bên em, lòng mở Hội Xuân
Bên em, lòng vẫn hoa xuân nở đầy.


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What a beautiful poem! , By Your Side, My Soul Is Like Spring Festival, that you wrote to your lovely wife. Best wishes to your precious marriage. Good work.