SA (24th June / Uganda)

Bye Baby


Long days of waiting
Months of Praying
Weeks of planning
For you our sweet angel
To be part of the Life
That we wished for you

Tension and Pain
For all to be possible
Words of Blessings
Prayers of Safety
Were all for you

Like a floating Petal
Sailing down the valley
Watched by the parent Flower
Left a piece less
Off you float to Heaven

Spoken silent in words
Echoed so loud in our Hearts
For all our Love for you
Is so much for words to pronounce
So endless like the Sky
That only God can know

A smile you would be
For the happiness we dreamt
A sweet memory you remain
For in a Sky of Stars
To us you shine
Brighter than the rest
For one Day we know
Together we shall be.

by Sentamu Aziz

Comments (1)

May baby 's soul rest in peace..a lovely painful tribute..the pangs of pain mother know better..thanks