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Bye, Bye Bevin

To the governor of Kentucky I will count
From the facts that I have found out,
On the reasons that he won't get my vote
So, this little poem I have wrote.
He is always blaming the teachers
As the Devil is blamed by preachers,
And with his very own contention
He's stands against a state worker's pension.
And then there is his other evil perk
He made it Into law, non-union right-to-work,
Though our economy isn't strong and healthy
He blames the poor, the middle-class, but never the wealthy.
I am a Republican that's true to say
But, he still didn't get my vote anyway,
I always vote for the person, and never the party
As I am not no follower, I'm a smarty.
And in remembrance of my great bluegrass state
I won't even need to count to eight,
So, to all the voting women and men;
Let the counting begin.

One, two,
He isn't for me or you.

Three, four,
He doesn't help the middle-class or the poor.

Five, six,
He's full of lies and dirty tricks.

Now comes seven,
Hopefully it's bye, bye Bevin.

Randy L. McClave

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Brave utterances set aside for sober reflection. A thought provoking rendition. Thanks for sharing, Randy.