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Bye-Bye Pencil
HDP (1977-11-04 / South Africa)

Bye-Bye Pencil

I melt in the presence of your cosmos
Yet gravity keeps on steering me back
I cannot thrust into your atmosphere
My hunger is strong, still some things I lack

From the first day I saw you
I wanted to really enter your soul
To embrace your gentle styles
To experience you’re inner ardent coal

I want to open this chapter with you
Still something is holding me back
Receptivity is out of my reach, although
I can feel it breathing behind my neck

This is why I use a pencil just in case
To erase these rigorous memories of mine
I wish with you I could use a pen
I just can’t as yet, if only I could get a sign

I guess it’s the risk I ‘have to take
Still, it’s a tough one I have to make
After all there’s a lot at stake
It’s a win or lose, a make or break

It could rain with celestial happiness and joy
It could rain with sadness and destroy
Maybe I’m better off staying coy
Maybe I’ll get broken like a toy

A chance is what I’ll take
I weighted in all my options
I came with one conclusion
Never again will I have to say, What if…

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