Bygone Days

(Pay Toilet)

Here I sit all broken hearted
Paid a nickel and couldn't get started
Always did like that old pome
Because it hits so close to home.
Nowadays it would cost much more
A nickel wouldn't even get you through the door.
But in olden times when we were small
We'd crawl under the door and into the stall.
Today that wouldn't make much sense
To do such a thing to save five cents.
But a nickel then would buy something dandy
Could get you a cone or a bar of candy
Or a pack of gum or something groovy
Save up two, you could go to a movie.
Times do change, not always for the best
So take what you can and forget the rest.
Take my advice as to what to do
Or do what you like, it's up to you!

by George Hunter

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