Life comes and goes
Butterflies fly unreservedly
Wind propel everything in its way
flicker never rewinds
We preserve to flash back but we can’t revolutionize or reversal

The one who used to lift his hands, now he’s loath
It takes more than a liver to be immaculate
We are loafs not intact
Days flanged us
We are not in a flock any longer

Bystanders is our name
Bypass is our means day after day
Bungled is our existence
Burdens are all over our bodies
Breathless is how we live now

Perceive our past push us in torture
Perfect never existed in our lives
Perspective is vanished
Perish is found
Perverse is everything we own

Where is the luminosity
Where is the paradise
When the sun will shine again
What will revive us and reunite us
With our lost souls

Beyond is Beyond
Never is never
Revenge is revenge
Roost is not for me
Bygones are bygones

by Keith Anastase KAMOSSO

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