Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

He was an altruist
though didn't know
the meaning of the word.
Gave fruits and vegetables
as well as honey,
to all who wandered by,
his garden was gigantic.

Council inspectors warned him,
it seems the town's own plan
required special permits.
'A sign is, where required, needed,
and any sign attracts a council fee,
which must be paid well in advance.'

'If there is some uncertainty
the sign is deemed to be essential,
even though it may not be required,
or needed, as a permit, special,
or if desired by the seller or the buyer,
if sales take place a portion of the profit
will need to be protected from the elements
by what is called a levy vouchertoken,
renewable for each new customer,
and, finally, a further permit is proscribed
for giving produce free to others,
payable well in advance, of course.

If on those days where clear intent,
by seller and potential buyers can be seen
a tax called enthusiasm bond applies,
this does protect both buyer and their sellers,
and activates the previously obtained
public insurance for twelve million dollars,
last but not least, just to ensure the quality
a small certificate of authenticity shall be attached
and this will also guarantee chemical protection,
as no organic foods may be for sale or give-away.

If no one buys or takes for free the offerings
the sellers may, at their discretion, choose
to keep the produce for self consumption,
which is well covered by the storage tax.'

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Comments (4)

Boy, we live in the city limits and you really described life here! They want you to get a permit to sneeze! I hate it.......we really belong in the country anyway. One day. Great poem Herbert! sincerely, Mary
Well, done Herbert. I couldn't resist reading 'Blubber At The Dance Hall' whilst I was visiting your poems - it still really cracks me up - brings back such fond memories of your subject matter. xxx
They tax us up the nose...what a shame. Good read!
Oh! Herbert! What a read! Very Very Cleverly put together. I enjoyed it and ended up with a fantastic chuckle. Thanks for that. Sincerely Ernestine.