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(c) 1 (Life/Philosophy) Life Is....

(c) 1 (Life/Philosophy) Life Is....

It has neither a beginning nor an end
You can never predict where it will bend.

Life is a teacher, it will show you the way
But unless you live it...it will run away.

If you have no fear of living, you will find
No fear of death and you will not mind.

You have to feel the agonizing sorrow and feel the pain
Only then it will heal and you will be whole again.

It is in every leaf, in your smile, in your tears
In your toil, in your triumphs and in your fears.

Just enjoy the journey without looking back
Savour the senses and you will not lack.

Truth is more in the process than the result
Liberates you from thought and you can exult

To see the truth in the false, thats the key
To understand, without changing it...just let it be
Love life, live it and it will set you free....

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very true said.. life is a teacher
wow i love your poem. i also love your methaphor about how life is a teacher.
My Response TO: Life Is.... I know not the commencement of my life Never did I try to find the reason for this! I know not when I will conclude this journey Or for that matter, when will all this change! I knew life – as tutor, guiding thru the path; And, I glided along, never minding the rough! I had lived fearlessly, in total consciousness; Never feared the fatality, never kept in mind! I had struggled thru painful strives; survived That was the reason, I was always satisfied! I was aware my life was in every smile & tears; And, in my sweats, my qualms and my feats! I never turned around and I did enjoy this life; How I relished my sanity, never did I fall short! I treasured my precision; cared less the effects So I gloated thru my liberation off my thoughts! I filtered my mind & got the facts, farces unseen Thus I had loved & lived life – towards freedom!
Life is really a teacher..... I like your way of expression. Best wishes,
This is one of the greatest poems on love that I have read, It is just wonderful and so up-lifting Thankyou for sharing it with us Love duncan X
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