(c) 1 (Life/Philosophy) Life Is....

It has neither a beginning nor an end
You can never predict where it will bend.

Life is a teacher, it will show you the way

by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean Click to read full poem

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very true said.. life is a teacher
wow i love your poem. i also love your methaphor about how life is a teacher.
My Response TO: Life Is.... I know not the commencement of my life Never did I try to find the reason for this! I know not when I will conclude this journey Or for that matter, when will all this change! I knew life – as tutor, guiding thru the path; And, I glided along, never minding the rough! I had lived fearlessly, in total consciousness; Never feared the fatality, never kept in mind! I had struggled thru painful strives; survived That was the reason, I was always satisfied! I was aware my life was in every smile & tears; And, in my sweats, my qualms and my feats! I never turned around and I did enjoy this life; How I relished my sanity, never did I fall short! I treasured my precision; cared less the effects So I gloated thru my liberation off my thoughts! I filtered my mind & got the facts, farces unseen Thus I had loved & lived life – towards freedom!
Life is really a teacher..... I like your way of expression. Best wishes,
This is one of the greatest poems on love that I have read, It is just wonderful and so up-lifting Thankyou for sharing it with us Love duncan X
One has to experience the depths of the lows to appreciate the highs of the highs, indeed. You tell of it well. Finely crafted singalong, deceptively simplistic style. t x
a lovely poem to hold on to in the churning ocean of life...love...nalini
great lessons of life...it's trouble i have a beef with. nice read. -Tailor
Yes, Life is a very talked about Subject, Your Poem is another contribution to the vast Ocean. This poem is not preachy, its just is trying to show you a better way, and I really liked that! Preets
Excellent Tranqil! life only teach us about the life?