(c) 35 (Life/Philosophy) Running Away?

My soul wants to fly away
Riding on a brilliant ray
To a land of oblivion
Where Im known by no one
Just live my life in peace
No one to hurt no one to please
Away from the complexities
That this life brings to its crease

But then I think why run away
The road does get rough in its way
But it also streteches out in a straight road
It may be long but you do reach your abode
As long as you dont hurt anyone knowingly
Absorb the ride, its highs and lows in totality
Pain is a part of the road and will make you realize
Feel it, endure it and it will help you rise

by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

Comments (3)

a very well written poem as it talks about the running away part and also the thought that its better to face life and roadblocks rather than to run away! niceee Preets
never run away my dear... its jz a matter of changing how u perceive on things.. its like, if u seem to be on the dark side.. jz make a great turn facing the sun so wont hav to see your shadow behind.. does it make it sense? lolz... nice choice of words...
very nice...simple and beautifully expressed..but life will be no fun if we have to live alone....