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C.A. - A Disease
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

C.A. - A Disease

It looks a bit like low fat cottage cheese,
stuck in the mucous folds, and turning bad,
the odour reminiscent of a snotty sneeze
or unwashed hose belonging to an undergrad.
The trigger's made of carbon, hydrogen and O,
the latter stands for oxygen, life's precious breath,
together they make saccharides that bugs must have to grow
without it there is misery and, later, certain death.
Candida, you smell sweet at first, but rancid is your fate
you travel through the body, even reach the distant brain,
so if they ask you was it something that you perhaps ate
you'd answer it is difficult to know and to explain.
How do you kill the mushrooms then, the doc is at a loss
from antifungals, douches and cute insert-a-things
there is a chance you'll keep the bugs and grow some moss!
Here is my remedy, it's simple and has wings:
one of the halogens, atomic weight is high
kills pathogens without selective care,
it leaves the fungal boys all jittery and dry
and near Mons Pubis all the landscape clean and bare.

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