(c) I See!

I know the secret that has availed you.
the one that made you sad and blue...
you know,
how other people have that side,
they only show to friend or foe.
But if we only looked behind the mask,
if we only studied,
if we only asked.
Then we could see how peach and cream,
behind closed door,
turn into shout and scream.
But we stay silent,
then we only have to meet the saint,
and never see the tyrant.
We only bring the devil out,
when we meet the other soul,
who knows what were about.
She loved that man, all still and warm,
until she saw beyond the mask,
and saw you in another form.
That side, that side we never see,
thats who you realy are,
thats all your realy want to be.
Funny thing you know,
I see only HIm that lives in you,
that man that lurks below,

by crybaby clark

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