C.O.D (Rewriten)

As nights turn to day,
lingering creatures creep back to their dens,
the day world takes over to bring happiness,
but the night world over powers to bring misery.
now little boy, dont stay out too late.
or they will, i repeat, they will...kill you

Vampires feed on your boiling blood,
shape shifters feed on your germ invested flesh,
werewolves feed on your disgusting organs,
while witches, cast you a herbal spell.

creatures of the dark, can overpower us anytime they please
how can we win, when fools can crown king,
but those creatures NEED us, to feed, or they die.
so, killing us for a world they once ruled kills them too

Darkness is Aching to eat you alive
Sunshine is waiting to brighten your life.
your life is at stake, every second you take
Now little girl, don't you see? this world was never meant to be.

by alicia schultz

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