Do you think for one moment,
I would stay to tolerate your mess?
Did you think my patience would last forever?
And I would let you test me without protest.

Did you think my understanding,
Was boundless for you to disrespect?
Do you really believe I was foolish enough,
To let you walk over me,
With an emphasis placed on every step?

You have chosen this way to relate.
I have chosen to exercise my own fate.
To listen and learn and know when to escape.
And you I have chosen to witness...
This exit from you that I make.

You have used up all my 'see-you-laters'...
For an exit I have chosen to do right now!

For you there are no 'laters' left!
They are gone.
Just as if you did not exist.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

interesting warning for whom
I dig this poem. It's direct. Has such a nice tone....
nice warnings.. nice poem