If you have not acquired a taste for Chinese food?
That's perfectly okay!
I haven't strayed too far away from a piece
of fried chicken with a side order of collard greens...
Every now and then!
It was almost a 'sin' not to when I was a kid growing up!
It was an 'accepted' tradition!
When my grandmother would 'make' us eat
Her delicious treats!
'I never understood that at all!
Weren't we suppose to hate,
What she would make
Us eat? ? '
Back then?

I will say this...
You may ying and yang all you wish,
To mock those Chinese dishes.
But a recommended taste for Chinese dialogue,
May boost your future's outlook...
As well as your diet!
With or without C5H8O4NaN...
Monosodium glutamate.
As well as an enhanced appreciation for the culture!
It always helps to be somewhat prepared!
And substitutions for salt...
To add flavor,
Is available!
No greasy fatback is used in their recipes!
Most of them are steamed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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