AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)


We all have desires, wishes
Things that sometimes keep us running
If we try to ignore these then we live only
According to logic. We try to rule out what
Is known as passion. But why?

Why would anyone try to live a life that is...
Passionless? Well, it is hard to prove that it
Exist, especially if you wish to have it and
Another doesn't acknowledge it. I would like
To recommend living everyday to the fullest
With passion.

Without passion artists would never have created
Such splendid works, created such lyrics, wrote such
Books that takes us all so far away from where we are
Passion allows us to live another life. In fact, it may
Just happen to take over one's life.

That is why so many live passionless. They fear that
It will take over all logic-it doesn't. It only makes
Life more splendid. Love without passion
Is not love at all. It is easy to remember and give a call
To your beloved. Sing them a lovely tune-
If that is how love makes you feel.
Silly. Very silly, but all in the name of passion.

The second you first fall in love is an important event.
It is not something that is to pass fast and go all spent.
But rather so passionate that one must remember to
Save and cherish this passion and keep the flames from
Burning out. Alpha and omega; forever and ever.

To save the love from beginning to end:
One just must remember to not let
The words change into only words.
Or favors turn into mutual agreements.
Because in passion all things are done in love
'Without any if and or buts about it! '

So live life passionately with all the love you can offer
If you feel you haven't any to offer, that is not so
It is an easy thing to do, just give the next person that walks by
A big smile, and there is no telling just why, but
Simply because you live a llife full of passion. A word that is
Hard to define, but when experienced and expressed
It is easy to understand.

When looking for love, stop. don't search. It is looking for you.
Let the cacophony continue until it's sound and love has you found.

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