Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac ranch
On the album sleeve,
Cadillac ranch
All glaring with fame
Cadillac rusting riches,
Here inside the rain.

Cadillac limos
And all the dreams,
Everyone, buy your machines,
Buy all you people,
Blind masses of hope,
Then kiss them good-bye
And run and hide,
For the Cadillac ranch
Cries inside.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (3)

Hey they've got no regard for bruce Baby Yeh! ! Cool swinging Poem. heres my 10 Hugs Jan
Here is the other 10 to make it twenty. Cheapskate Allan. H
cadillac i always think of elvis dont know why, and the colour pink, dont know why, never bruce dont know why lovely poem worth 20 but i give you half because i lik the poem and the flow Warm regards AJS