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RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


Poem By Rachel Fogle

The battle of rage when Rome was done, was fought with courage and many lives undone.

Caesar lead a bravest fight, lead only to believe victory was his sight.

A leader in his glory and his soldiers by his side, fight for there country and leave behide foolish pride.

They speak from there heart, and he speaks from his soul.

Allowing those around him to reap was path he sows.

A heated debate far and wide, with nations completely divided.

He gives his heart with his sword in hand and faces his battle head on.

He shows not one weakness, nor does he hide away in shame.

For Rome is his kingdom and he will fight for her come what may.

Bitter quarrels, hated men, different outcome Caesar has lead.

Towards that horizen he has already won,

No time for failure bring fourth his victor and salute his job well done.

Do we know what is right or do we choose to see only wrong?

Caesar had his reason's he choose to right all wrongs.

Give him glory and let it be our song,

For Caesar fought his battle & proudly was in won.

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