Cage'N Freestyle

The system we live n
is a Prison in disquise.

So these F'n politisions
just want to politisize.

I could give a sh@# less
cause I'm apolitical
I'm down 2 start a riot
just n case things get physical.

These punk ass pigs try
to bring me down,
try to mess with my head
and pull my plants out the ground.

So now I'm fighting round for round
for my green thats been siezed
pound for pound.

The best herbs n the northwest
make'n u caugh up a lung,
take'n rips off the bong
till ur ass is done.
Cause on the Camp Side
we do this sh$% for fun!

by Rage'n Curtis

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Comments (5)

ayeee this goes. this be flowin foreal.
its really good i like it
it's a good poem but i didn't particually like it all that much...sorry... :)
this is a good poem and its the truth the feds do take all the plants! ...........10 way to go baby boi!
Its a great poem...makes u caugh up a it I've had some green like that. thanks for sharing. With love Kat sorrow ;)