A Tear For Christmas

Christmas comes but once each year
I beg from each of you a tear;

A tear for the homeless whose bed is the floor
And a tear for the child who's embroiled in a war

A tear for the prisoner locked in his cell
And a tear for the gaoler who minds him, as well

A tear for the starving who've no food to eat
And a tear for the friendless with no one to greet

A tear for the orphan with no one to care
And a tear for the lover who sinks in despair.

Then open your presents, eat hearty and well
But save a tear for poor Lucifer, down there in hell! !
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

by Owain Glyn

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All my heart is in this potry.
this is cooked af
uh idk but intersting and comment sum funny: |>
This sitt is hella boring. Im bort to kill myself
This boring af. Poetry is for crackheads only
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