Pinched Nerve....... [back Problem; Personal; A Warning! ]

A pinch of this and a pinch of that can improve a recipe,
but a pinched nerve, in my spine, can make a mess of me.

This week I was doing a routine chore. I bent to lift a plastic bag.
The result, I believe, was a pinched nerve, which made my body sag.
Well, it didn’t sag immediately; at first it was just a mild twinge,
but within a day my back sagged like.......a door with a broken hinge.

Of course once I felt “that twinge”, I “should have” paused to rest.
Instead I took a walk AND did give myself a test.
My body failed the test, and I was shown to be a FOOL.
I’d thought the walk would be good for me and all would turn out cool.

After all, I’ve had trouble before......and lived again to play.
But I “SHOULD” have ceased activities.......for the remainder of the day.

Now I’m resting midday, in our bed, watching birds at the feeder,
while my wife does HER chores, plus helps ME.......if I need her.

Luckily I’ve had no shooting pain in my leg as I had some years ago.
I plan to be much better in a few more days.......IF I take it SLOW.
I’ve hardly yelled in pain at all today; already there is improvement,
and, luckily, I can manage to get to toilet (by myself) to have a bowel movement.

(January 2013)

by Bri Edwards

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