(Decmeber 26,1289 (or sometime around that) / Russia)

Caged In Pain And Hurt

being leafed for dead
blood raining from
the heavens
life slowly
sliping away
but i'm already dead
taking my own life
makes me feel so
its like pressing
the reset on a game
something i can
never froget
they killed me
locked me up
and never let
me go free
when they did
i was already dead

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CAGED IN PAIN AND HURT so strong and dark....rips through the soul...what could have given u the wherewithal to write like this...its so dark that its more of an epitaph rather than poetry... ten and cheers
just feel lost and trapped an hurt huh? i get it.trust me. ive been there.This poem brings back such memories, past pains hurts and confusion. im still there though cant get away... nice poem though.very deep and understanding.beautiful comparison; betrayal death life and love. all similar in some strange way.