Caged Prisoners

They take a vote to decide,
Whether or not they should move forward?
And another to decide if they should abandon,
Those limitations of thought and the process of it!

This may seem ludicrous...
But people like this actually exist!
They think of themselves as being progressive...
With an exactness,
Even caged prisoners would petition against.

And despise they do,
Those who protest their degraded quality of life.
They prefer that such issues be kept quiet...
And not attract attention.

Lessons received from their ancestors.
With content and comprehension...
Has been released and is nonexistent!
And yet...
At odds with the delivery, purpose and perception.
When in celebration of historic events...
Although clearly maintaining the routine of values meant!
Nothing more!
Just the pretense of it!

Even though an hypocrisy kept,
May be in conflict with the hip hoppers...
Unwrapping disrespect gone unaddressed.
With presentations that expose cracks on naked butts!
As minds fly high around warning signs posted on trees,
Above the pictures of missing neighborhood children!
But who really cares...
When there are still those who are trying to 'project' traditions.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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