Cait Couldn'T Wait To Bait

I am...
I'm trying to believe,
I should be outraged.
OR envious. OR jealous.
Even I don't know what to think,
Or feel anymore.
God has 'got' to be a comedian.

Why such a heated temperament.
Calm down.
What has you so upset? '

One guy.
The father of several children.
And in his mid-60's,
Decides he's been hiding...
And telling lies about his sexuality.
And I tell you...
OVERNIGHT he has become,
The most gorgeous woman...
I've seen in years.
And 'already' he's adorning magazine covers,
Getting book and TV deals...
That will pay him MILLIONS.

'Why should what he does bother you? '

He had been a man's man.
A top rated athlete.
He was on a Wheaties Box.
A loving and doting father,
On a top rated reality TV show.
He's a glam queen.
What CAN'T he do?
Do you realize how high,
He has raised the bar for all men?
AND women too?

'So what are you saying? '

By himself and himself alone,
He has totally done away with limits...
Perceptions and definitions of boundaries.
And for years I've been censored...
For making the same attempts.
As a wanna-bee writer.
But looks and image,
Are the only things people today care about.

'And he has had both for years.
To now have done it on both sides of the fence.'

Who does he think he IS...
Bruce Jenner?

He wants to call herself Cait now.'

Cait couldn't wait to bait.
Like a Jessica Rabbit setting traps.
With a doing it to drop lots of jaws.

'To anyone,
Who can achieve and receive complete happiness...
As both a man AND a women in ONE lifetime,
With a blowing away minds publicly...
Is a phenomenon to witness.
Especially during these days,
Of transitional upheaveal.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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