(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)

California, Here

California here we come
don't take that shit for granted
sunshine and fun times
stay here and keep planted
stay awhile and keep comfortable
stay cool and keep your friends close
stay loving and keep dear to you
the memories good and bad
for to live in California
is far more than a fad
a state of mind, a state of being
some long to be like us
how elate is our kind, to relate is freeing
to leave would be a fuss
one needs not convincing
usually know it to be true
when you live in California
every day life feels like new

Fleeting laughter will be heard as you go
gone will be the happiness you felt
and the state you left you'll never know
gone with all the picturesque shorelines
and the band that played at that one show
gone are green days and busy freeways
and the hand that hated to see yours go
gone with not so boring towns we saw
and the land so varied, both high and low
gone are the vineyards and hip clubs
and the tanned socials with frappuccino

I could go on and on about the home that I love
But when it all comes down to it
It's about the people I love
my one true anchor at the bottom of the sea
It takes much strength to lift it
it's not good for your knees
so you can't take it with you, you must cut the line
go through pain and get over it, I'm sure you'll be fine
an anchor without a ship is lonely but there
just remember that without one
you'll always be on a trip without a spare

Leave if you must but don't think it unkind
to think of me often and just send me a sign
a sign you're alive and that you're happy without me
for that's all I ever dreamed of after meeting you
the only thing I knew I always wanted to see
that being true

Know that life isn't cruel
even though it seems that way
find the good in the bad
the cliché you used to say
what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
is another to further elaborate
to be away from you longer and longer
I would in body-builder shape!

But Seriously,
It's not like I won't miss you when you're gone
It won't be the same without you
So goodbye my love, I'm sure it won't be long
until you get settled and I move on
the world will keep spinning
while I spare it my melodramatic spell
will we ever be together fully?
That secret only time will tell.


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Too true - California is a state of being. Long may it be so. Just don't go on about it, Sean - it's a painful reminder to those of us who can only visit and worshi[p...