California Reverie

Poem By Adam Maruyama

California reveries of dreams assail me
As waves of sleep drift from Lethe’s misty shore
Memories to keep past such fateful banks
And a remembrance of things past, things
Wherein the pearls of sacred love do sleep
Our keys to a future yet unbuilt,
Cipher to the scriptures yet unwritten.

California reveries of dreams assail me
As I cross o’er the brink to darkest night
Night which engulfs all things in shadow-darkness.
And suddenly the stars burn brighter,
Beacons of eternal being in a vastness
Of desolation-despair, all lost but hope
All found but hope all vanquished but fear.

California reveries of dreams assail me
The sunrise after the deepest darkness
The ferry over the waters fatally forgetful
And now I know what lies ahead,
For in eternity is only this, no more:
The moment in time of irrevocable love,
Limitless hope, and freedom from fear.

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