Califraglisticexpiolidocious (Acrostic Poem)

Careful learning and expressing ideas are rare ever;
All of a sudden storm carries away all precious things!
Landing on the Moon or Mars will not solve problem;
Ian Fleming or Frederick Forsythe also can't help it!

France or Austria are not going to know of Big Bang;
Rare phenomena of Nature no one can decipher well;
America and Russia too have not ventured out far....!

God particle they say has given shape and size as matter;
Long researches have not shown the clear answer yet, , , , , ;
India has said of Universe as a field of spiritual expedition!

Science and technology have advanced only in matter;
Transcendentalism is top most yoga only mystics attempt;
Intellect, intuition and mysticism make one see all clear.

Careful analysis of matter and spirit only leads beyond all;
Enjoying bliss in Nature so, one understands all ages sure!
X factor, X men and X file are ludicrous in the West now...;
Physics and spiritualism together can show miracles ever!

Ionic particles too are matters in the microscopic level.....!
Oxymoron of poetry is a blend of two opposites in one;
Liquid, gas out of matter take all to sublimate level sure.

Iron, silver, gold and platinum are rare but diamond rarest!
Detecting precious things from ores surely science has excelled;
Ocean is still a big mystery though man explores Space long!
Cosmology is like ocean and is difficult to master it in anyway.

In depth studies lead all to spiritual matter finally to know;
Om is the beginning says ancient Shastras of India to world;
Universe is still a puzzle to discover anything positive yet...!
Studies of this kind finally soars one to sublimity or divinity.

by Ramesh T A

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