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Call It Destiny

As I sit at home in my chair
I think of her as she's not there
Remembering the talks that we once held
As we thought of no one, but only ourselves.
For a moment as though we were just one
Then that moment disappeared and that feeling gone.
We smiled and laughed as we sat and talked
So we decided together, to go for a walk.

As I walked around a local park
Am all alone now and it's after dark
I think of memories that once had been
But now they are gone, as though never seen.
I think of her as she had held my arm
But that was yesterday and that was the charm
We walked not knowing if we were lovers or friends
Wished I knew the beginning, and not the end.

As I reached out to touch a star
As though to hold it from afar
I close my eyes with an opened hand
Then once again I finally understand.
You are not here but your in my sight
Not just in the daytime but also the night
As in my heart, there you will always be
You can call it love, but I call it destiny.

Randy L. McClave

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