Call Me A Friend

Call me a friend, and do you know?
Friendship s a drink that changes with the seasons,
It's a soft cold drink in the heat strokes,
It's a cup of tea in the showers of rains,
With Dosa Masala or other snacks,
It's a tasty fruit juice in the autumn of life,
And when a friend is shivering with cold,
It's a cup of coffee with baked cashew nuts,
It's a glass of water in all seasons,
Not for drinking, for wiping the tears,
For washing the face and removing the dirt,
At the end of journey a blessing for the traveler.

(Dosa Masala is a South Indian Snack and my favorite snack as well. I wrote about Valsa George that she is queen of description. She replied as to what she should call me, I don't take much time in replying, specially to ladies)

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (5)

Hahahh Delicious poem... great! ! 10 on 10 yuummy: P
coffee with baked cashew nuts
Lovely poem especially like the coffee with baked cashew nuts line. Nice One!
Like instant brewed coffee, you are an instant poet.....! From you, poems flow in endless succession! From a simple question, you could create a wonderful poem on friendship! Simply Great! !
What a wonderful poem on friendship, ......................10