The Innocent Killer

When I imagine you
Tied up like dogs
When I imagine you
In your cold grey cell
With the bunk bed set aside
Crying, praying for freedom
Like slaves on plantations
I say
When I imagine you
You kind angry father of a man
Who use to be called the Top Gun
I applaud you
Through your demise
I applaud you.

by Tevin Ellis

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Comments (11)

Lovely so full of enthusiasm. I agree Lotus could be your real name.
Lotus could be your real name! good write Mamta...unveils a lot of positivity it inhales...10
A beautiful, positive write. But there is something very poignant about it as well. I believe you will bloom like the Lotus, Mamta. Your eloquence becomes you. Warmest regards, Sandra
A meaningful write woven with fine diction and rhymes................10
a fantastic write..a veru positive thought
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