(03/16/90 / Seoul)

Call Me What You Want

Call me what you want,
You can push me around,
Make fun of me,
Call me names,
All your doing is calling yourself your own family names,
I am the mirror you are the bee,
Whatever you say or do it reflects off of me,
So you can go ahead call me names do whatever makes you happy,
Cause in the end all your doing is hurting yourself cause are nothing but a bully that has a low-life and have nothing better to do but make fun of people.

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Comments (3)

Bullies have no respect whatsoever. They make fun of people to hide their own pain.
another good'n i agree with all that good job it gets a 10
a bully is a coward and should learn to never behave in such a way respect for all people is the key a fine poem