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Call Of Duty Vs Battlefild 4

all we hear are gunshots, Headed into war,
Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4
emptying our clips and burying the bones
rolling with our squad, we don't ever go alone
staring down a barrel, pull the trigger til it blows
skills so sick, we are putting on a show
cause all we hear are gunshots, war is all we know
when we're playing battlefield, when we're playing ghosts

It's Battlefield baby, Call of Duty can say goodbye
cause it's going down like the Skyscraper in Shanghai
These maps are fantastic, Frostbite is the engine
Spectacular graphics attack from the back with

the blast of a magnum, rolling dice until my death
I'm in a tank, in a helicopter, even in a jet
busting ghosts like bill murray, gimme a proton pack
I'm laying COD to rest and it is never coming back

On the attack with some flash bangs, collecting them dog tags
I've got so many shiny medals pinned to my jacket
I'm picking the classes that help me to master
my enemies and capture all the flags faster

please pardon my laughter, I can't hold it back the
sight of you drop shotting and camping in corners
it makes me wonder if you're ready for more
you need to take it to the next level Battlefield 4


Now where should i begin, Cod Ghosts for the win
and we dont camp it out cuz you know my squad rush in
to the action what im packing thats a VKS
Ill ya out with one shot now tell me whos up next

on my hit list watch me hit this trick shot off a ladder
if you hate call of duty you can suck my honey badger
How cute you got tanks and you can fly a jet
at least i get rewarded for the kills i get

coming at you like a maniac tell me can you handle that
satcom down let me find out where you spawning at
When it comes to packing steal yea you better bring ya skill
Im a Cod Killa I murda on any battlefield

Flags i be capping i just knee slide on em
and if i dont feel like shooting i just sick riley on em
thats a whole lot of perks and these guns will leave you toast
if you buy a new shooter make sure its cod ghosts


Everybody knows that Battlefield beats Ghosts
The call of duty series like my breakfast, toast.
Brysi what you saying I dont understand you statement
Take that battlefield trash out your system please replace it

It is the same old game, recycled, new name
Battlefield make way Call of duty here to stay
you can hate it or just love it i have nothing else to say
but I wonder which the audience prefers to play...

by Eliathon Zealous

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